Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my Whirlpool appliance?

You can register your Whirlpool appliance/s on our website via this link.

What type of cookware can I use in my microwave?

Please refer to manufacturer's recommendations when using: aluminum foil, metal, plastic wrap, bags, covers, dinnerware, containers, pottery, clay, china, earthenware, melamine paper towels, paper dinnerware, napkins. It is safe to use wax paper, ceramic glass and glass.

What products should I avoid using when cleaning my stainless steel surfaces?

Avoid soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, cooktop polishing cream, steel-wool pads, gritty wash cloths, and some paper towels, as they might damage the surface.

The chrome rim around the solid hot plate of my hob has discoloured. Is that normal?

The rim is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. Changes in colour due to the high temperatures of the hot plate are perfectly normal.

What is the maximum length of venting I can have on my cooker hood?

Ideally no more than 3 meters.

What height above a hob does a cooker hood need to be?

Please refer to the user manual for your particular model. Generally speaking, we advise a distance of 750mm above a Gas Hob and 650mm above an Electric Hob. If your cooker hood was packed with an additional note on height use, please refer to this advised distance.

What should the temperatures be inside my refrigerator and freezer?

A temperature of 3 to 4°C on average is preferred, with upper and lower limits of 0 to 7°C. At 7°C food will deteriorate more quickly

How much free space should I leave open around a refrigerator?

For freestanding refrigerators you should leave 5 cm on top and 10 cm behind the appliance. This will allow heat to be dispatched easily and reduces energy consumption. For built-in appliances the space needed is included in the specifications.

How do you start the cycle on the Pret a Porter?

It’s a simple three step process: Fill the cup with water to the appropriate line (delicate, normal or heavy duty). Place the cup in the machine, then push the Start button. That's it.

If I have a 68cm Hob. Do I need a 90cm wide Cooker Hood?

No, just follow the instructions and place the hood the correct distance from the hob.

How long is a Pret a Porter cycle?

Depending on the garment, the cycle will run for an average of 30 minutes, a little less for delicates and a little more for heavy duty items such as cotton shirts.

What is the difference between a condenser dryer and a vented dryer?

Air vented dryers are supplied with a venting kit which ducts air outside. Condenser dryers are ideal for flats and apartments, as they convert the steam to water and collect it in a container, so that they don't need venting and you can position them anywhere in a room.

Can I use different colours in one Pret a Porter cycle?

Yes, you can mix colours.

There are different levels of energy consumption. Which one should I use?

A and A+ offer the lowest energy consumption. This means they are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

I prepared a fish dish in my microwave. How can I remove the unpleasant odour?

Warm up a cup of water containing a few drops of lemon juice for about one minute. This will remove any unpleasant odours from your microwave.

How does Pret a Porter work?

The Smart Steam System combines the innovative 'dry steam' technology with a unique water repellant bag, to remove creases, wrinkles and odours while preserving the fabric. Thanks to 6th Sense technology, it senses the amount of water available and automatically optimises the cycle length accordingly.

Are there any safety devices within Pret a Porter?

Yes. There are IR sensors that shut off the cycle if a garment drops on the exhaust grill. And if the Pret a Porter accidentally tips over, it will automatically shut down.

The drinking water from the refrigerator's water dispenser is tainted with a chemical taste. How can I avoid that?

Drinking water should be used regularly to prevent it lying in the appliance for long periods.

What size vent hose is required for an Island Hood?

Ideally a 150mm diameter hose, but 120mm reduction kits are available. These may be obtained from Customer Service.

What are the advantages of registering my Whirlpool appliance?

Product Registration enables us to contact you, if necessary,and it helps us provide a quick and efficient service, should you require our assistance

How do I maintain my Pret a Porter?

Pret a Porter does not require any cleaning and does not use any type of filter.

Why can't I use metal objects in a microwave?

Microwave radiation is reflected by metal. If too much radiation is directed to one point this will result in sparks. This is likely to damage your microwave oven.

Can I place a dryer on top of my washing machine?

The washing machine should be placed on the floor, as it is the heaviest. Most appliances from the same brand can be stacked. You will have to use an attachment accessory to prevent the dryer from falling off the washing machine when in use. If you want to stack two machines from different brands ask your retailer or dealer if this is possible.

What cooker hoods can be vented from the rear?

Only wall-mounted cooker hoods can be vented from the rear.

What kind of odours does Pret a Porter remove?

It will remove even the strongest odours, including smoke, sweat and fried food.

Can the doors be reversed on the Slimline (45.8cm) Undercounter Fridge Freezers?

Doors can't be reversed on these types of appliances. The matching fridge and freezers have their doors positioned so they open up in the middle.

Is Pret a Porter noisy?

The noise level is comparable to a boiling pot during steaming. It’s a bit noisier during the drying cycle.

Is it better to use 4-in-1 products rather than separate detergent, salt and rinse agent?

Using separate detergent, salt and rinse agent allows you to adjust the mix to the type of water in your area and the amount of dishes you have to clean. 4-in-1, or other combined products, offer convenience benefits.

I cannot install external ducting for my cooker hood. Is recirculation a good idea?

Yes. All Whirlpool hoods can be used in ducted or recirculation modes. Recirculation removes unpleasant odours and fat from the air that passes through the hood, and blows the air back into the kitchen. It does not reduce the humidity of the air, so humidity levels in your kitchen might increase. Do not connect a motorless hood to a central ventilation system.

What do the lights on the freezer mean?

The GREEN light indicates that the appliance has an electrical supply. The AMBER light indicates that the Fast Freeze option is on. The light is combined with a switch. The RED light is warning that there is a high temperature inside the cabinet.

Is it necessary to use a rinse agent in my dishwasher?

We recommend using the rinse agent dispenser. Rinse aid is essential for effective drying. Be sure to fill the dispenser before you use your new dishwasher.

When is a pre-wash program necessary when using my washing machine?

Only when your laundry is very dirty.

How quickly will the refrigerator make ice?

The ice maker will not make ice until the freezer temperature is down to -12°C. It will take a day to fill the ice bucket

Can I add fragrance to my clothing before I run Pret a Porter

Pret a Porter is designed to remove odours, so scent or perfume will be removed.

Can I use my gas hob if the electricity goes out?

In case of a prolonged power failure, surface burners can be lit manually. Hold a lit match near a burner and turn the control knob to the 'high' position.

Can Whirlpool hobs be used with LPG gas?

Yes, conversion kits for LPG are available for all Whirlpool hobs. These may be obtained from our Customer Service.

What causes those fuzzy balls on some clothing?

Many synthetic clothes shed small fibres that ball up and cling to the clothes. Remove these with a fuzz-removing device, available from most department stores. Overloading your washing machine may also cause fuzzy balls to form.

Will a freezer work properly if it is very cold or hot in my garage?

It will, but you must ensure the temperature is set properly. Temperatures should not go below 40°F or hotter than 100°F for the freezer to work efficiently. If temperatures are lower than 40°F your thermostat may not allow the appliance to turn on. The warmer the ambient temperature is (above 100°F), the more the appliance will run, and will be less efficient.

The temperature inside the appliance is too cold/warm. What are the correct temperature settings?

The optimum normal air temperatures in the centre of cabinets should be as follows; Refrigerator +3.5°C Chiller 0°C Freezer *** -18°C Freezer * -6°C Freezer ** -12°C Freezer **** -24°C (Using Fast Freeze switch, not at normal running temperature.)

There is water in the bottom of the self-defrosting refrigerator. Why is that?

The drain tube from the gully at the back of the fridge is likely to be blocked. This means that defrosted water is flowing into the cabinet.

The hob burners are stained and discoloured. How can they be cleaned?

They are best cleaned with a chrome cleaner (Solvol Autosol). Care should be taken not to block the burner holes and grooves.

What cleaning products should I avoid using when cleaning my refrigerator?

Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners such as window sprays, scouring cleansers, flammable fluids, cleaning waxes, concentrated detergents, bleaches or cleansers containing petroleum products on plastic parts interior and door liners or gaskets. Do not use paper towels, scouring pads, or other harsh cleaning tools. These can scratch or damage your refrigerator.

Do induction hobs require a specific type of pan?

You can tell if your pans are suitable by using a fridge magnet. If it sticks to the base, it's OK for induction hobs.

What does the Pret a Porter do?

Pret a Porter de-wrinkles, de-odourises and gently dries your clothes. It's the ideal solution for when your clothes aren't dirty, but look less than perfect. It’s a fast, easy and practical way to revitalise clothes, leaving you ready to go out and looking your best at the touch of a button.

When do I need to add rinse aid to the dishwasher's dispenser?

The LED indicator will illuminate when rinse aid is necessary. Rinse aid helps the drying process and also prevents glassware looking cloudy.

What can I do to preserve my food during a power interruption?

If the electricity in your house goes off, the amount of time that the freezer will stay cold varies. A full freezer stays colder for longer than a partially filled one, and a freezer of meat will stay colder for longer than a freezer of ready cooked meals. To preserve low temperatures for as long as possible, keep the freezer door shut. If the freezer isn't full, you can use newspaper around a product to insulate it.

What water can be used in the Pret a Porter?

Only use distilled water. This does not include boiled water.

How much energy does Pret a Porter Use?

For a complete cycle, the average energy consumption is 0.49 kW. For gentle drying, the average energy consumption is 0.43 kW. The maximum power is 1275 watts.

How much detergent should I use in my dishwasher?

The amount of detergent to use depends on the hardness of your water and the type of detergent. If you use too little, dishes may not be perfectly clean. If you use too much, in soft water, glassware could be scratched or damaged. If you do not know your water hardness, contact your local water department.

What is the minimal distance required between the cooktop and the hood?

For a Whirlpool gas hob of less than 7500W power the minimum distance is 65cm. For hobs over 7500W the minimum distance is 75cm. Electric hobs should be 65cm apart.

Can I place a table-top refrigerator underneath the work surface of my kitchen?

Yes, but make sure there is enough space for ventilation.

Does Pret a Porter get hot?

During the normal cycle the base is hot, but after steaming and drying a cooling cycle will allow the bag to cool down.

What are the best temperatures for the Whirlpool Wine Cellar?

The Whirlpool wine cellar will work perfectly in temperatures between 6 and 32 degrees.

Can I use ordinary cooking salt in my dishwasher?

Cooking salt generally contains ingredients that could damage your dishwasher.

Do I have to use weights every time I run Pret a Proter?

No, weights can further enhance performance, but you can have good results without them, depending on the type of fabric you are using.

How many garments will fit Pret a Porter?

Pret a Porter holds two items of clothing per cycle for optimum performance. Clothing items can be hung on a hanger - wood, wire or high quality plain plastic.

Why is the freezer over-freezing?

If large amounts of ice form in a short time, do the following: make sure the Fast Freeze switch is not on. The thermostat should not be on its maximum setting. Ensure that the door/lid is not being held open by the contents of the freezer. Check that the door gasket is in good condition and that it is in contact with the cabinet at all points.

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