Cook fast, eat good.

Improve your cooking experience
in time and quality.



6th Sense
Absolute Oven

No need to pre-heat
Cook upto 3 dishes
Multiple cooking methods

The difference between design
and total design

We share your vision of an ideal home. Our collections are here to help you realise that vision, with their outstanding technology, intuitive features and beautiful design. Your eye for beauty is our inspiration.
Design Collection
Elegancement performance.
The Fusion Collection.

The Fusion Collection features a contemporary essential design, for smooth, clutter-free living spaces. The innovative iXelium treatment ensures long-lasting brilliance for your surfaces, and the integrated handles provide exquisite visual harmony. Our Fusion Collection is tailored to seamlessly include appliances from the Fusion, Ambient and Square collections too, for your convenience.

Minimal design
powered by the most
advanced technologies.

Discover sheer beauty.
The Ambient collection.

The Ambient Collection draws beauty and harmony from simplicity. Its bright, positive design is aimed at creative living spaces for you to enjoy and be happy in. Appliances in the Ambien Collection feature intuitive controls, for the simplest, most rewarding user-experience ever.

Blending beauty
and functionality.

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