W7 Total No Frost

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W9 Dual No Frost

Fruits and veggies stay fresh anywhere in the fridge up to 15 days*

*Based on weight loss and visual quality, considering common fruits and vegetables. Internal test procedure.

Dual No Frost System

2 independent No Frost systems create the ideal frost free environment to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh anywhere in the fridge, even unpacked.

Ideal humidity level

70% in the entire fridge for ideal conditions

Up to 15 DAYS

of freshness for fruits and vegetables anyhere in the fridge

No mixed odours

between fridge and freezer

Limited temperature variation

+/-2°C in the entire cavity

pure design

Pure design from inside out

Dual No Frost W Collection has been designed to be elegant and contemporary from every angle, without settling for anything but excellence.

6th SENSE Precision Control

6TH SENSE technology constantly detects temperature variations due to external causes (i.e. door opening) and quickly restores the ideal temperature for an optimal food preservation both in the fridge and in the freezer. Avoiding food burns on the food stored in the freezer.

Fresh Box+

A drawer with an integrated humidity control slider helps to maintain the maximum freshness for your fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Box +

Fresh Pad

An innovative Pad integrated in the Fresh Box+ ensures the best preservation of your fresh food. The grid pattern separates fruit and vegetables from the humidity they release, while a special antibacterial additive reduces harmful bacteria by up to 99.9% on the surface of the crisper grid*.

* Independently tested by IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd, UK) using ISO 22196

Fresh Pad

Fresh Box 0°

Sensing the right freshness. An extra zone within the refrigerator where you can store the most delicate foods such as fish, meat or cheese at around 0°C.

Fresh Box 0°

Easy Access Tray with Fast Freeze Pad

Find your most frequently used food immediately. A special tray that slides out to better see and easily access the most frequently used food stored in the freezer.
Also available with a metal Fast Freeze Pad, that helps to cool food faster. This smart feature also adds extra convenience as it can be removed for easy cleaning.

Easy Access Tray with Fast Freeze Pad

6TH SENSE Compressor

6TH SENSE Compressor smoothly adapts and restores the ideal temperature which optimises energy consumption, contrary to a conventional compressor.
It offers higher reliability and more durability with a 20-year warranty on compressor.

6th sense Compressor


Flexi Shelf

The shelf that fits your need. A retractable shelf that lets you create space for taller items such as jars when you need it.

2 in 1 bottle holder

Much more than a bottle holder. Versatile 2 in 1 bottle holder to comfortably store bottles and food at the same time. Move it to any shelf for a convenient setup that suits you.

Door space management

Movable balconies allow maximum flexibility to organise the storage space in the fridge door according to your needs.

W Collection Dual No Frost

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W7 931T OX H (UK)

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W7 811O OX H (UK)

Whirlpool freestanding fridge freezer: frost free - W9 821D KS H (UK)

W9 821D KS H (UK)

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