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SupremeClean 60cm

Outstanding performances in every phase of the cycle.

6th sense

Outstanding cleaning results, with up to 50% time and water savings*

The 6TH SENSE technology detects and monitors the level of soil thanks to the smart sensors and adapts the cycle parameters and programme settings accordingly. Consumers will always get perfectly clean dishes with no effort and with up to 50% savings on water and time*.

* Based on internal testing. Comparison between minimum and maximum consumption of resources on 6TH SENSE Programme.

PowrClean Pro

PowerClean Pro

Extra cleaning power with +30% * more powerful water jets.
Extra cleaning power for even the most stubborn soils.
Powerful rear water jets for an outstanding cleaning performance. PowerClean Pro technology allows you to remove even the toughest dirt from pots and pans for extra bright results, with no need to scrub or pre-wash by hand.

* Pressure measurement test performed on dishwashers with PowerClean Pro device vs standard lower spray arm.

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Optimized Space Management

The pan holders, located in the PowerClean Zone, allow flexibility in the placement of different sized pots and pans, providing 30% more space* for other dishes. So you can always find the ideal loading combination.

* Percentage calculated vs the loading space in the lower basket on models of the same Whirlpool range without the PowerClean Pro solution.


Whirlpool drying performance at its maximum.
Up to +70% better results, -15% energy consumption*.

Natural Dry is the automatic door opening system designed to dry dishes evenly with the power of natural air. Thanks to its automatic control, the door opens in maximum security only when the temperature inside the machine is significantly reduced, to let the natural air enter the dishwasher and dry every items with outstanding results and a great energy saving.

* based on average drying performance and respective energy consumption of Whirlpool built-in dishwasher with 2 racks and NaturalDry, on a combined load including plastics, glass, steel and porcelain as compared to Whirlpool built-in dishwasher with 2 racks without NaturalDry. Drying performance results may vary based on dishwasher model and load.

natural dry

Glass Protect

A dedicated accessory on the lower basket and a dedicated cycle ensure to reach outstanding cleaning and drying performances on glasses. The accessory is foldable and integrated on the lower rack to minimize the space occupied an to free up 100% of the space if not needed.

Glass protect

Secondary features

Lighting System

The brilliant solution to enhance loading and unloading easiness. The 4 LED lights, positioned in strategic points inside the tub, improve visibility to optimally exploit the dishwasher interior and ensure great usability.

15 Place setting

The new Whirlpool dishwasher can accommodate up to 15 place settings thanks to the modular third rack that ensures great flexibility with every loading combination.

Intuitive user interface

The premium models are designed to provide a fluent user interaction thanks to their full-touch interface with clear icons and direct access to cycles. To make the navigation even more intuitive and pleasant.


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