Discover and taste the true possibilities of your new appliance. You'll be amazed at how quick and easy these recipes are to prepare!

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken Salad - Cooked with Whirlpool's Dual Crisp function

    A perfect healthier recipe for a post-holiday detox.

  • Beef fillet and savory mushroom pie

    A typical Christmas recipe to be shared with your family and friends. When cooking with your Whirlpool oven, you don't need to worry about cooking time and temperature thanks to the MultiSense Probe, which...

  • Chocolate and coffee pudding cooked with a Whirlpool induction hob

    Coffee has many benefits, but by far the most well known is its ability to boost our minds and increase our ability to stay focused and awake. Integrate coffee into your dessert with this chocolate and...

  • Green apples stuffed with Masala chicken

    Apples are a healthy fruit that is well known throughout the world. For their quality to be celebrated, the recipe must be light and healthy.

  • Two-tone chocolate mousse made with the Whirlpool i100 Induction hob

    A delicious recipe for the soul, infused with chocolate to release a natural feeling of well-being, to be enjoyed and shared with friends.

  • Steamed pineapple salad with raspberry mash and mint

    Fresh, seasonal fruit is one of the key ingredients for a summer of well-being and energy.

  • Honey glazed steamed salmon with lime and raspberries

    The sweetness of honey and raspberries, the tang of lime, and the flavor of salmon combine with the delicacy of 100% steam cooking of the W7 - WCollection. A recipe that satisfies your senses with a twist...

  • Veggie Zoodle cooked with Whirlpool i100 Induction Hob

  • A colourful focaccia cooked inside the Whirlpool Steam Oven

    A recipe made with colourful ingredients to bring joy and happiness to the table. (20 minutes of preparation, plus two hours rising time)

  • Breaded seabass with walnuts and a mango sauce

    A delicious and elegant dish, good for both your heart and your soul

  • Pea soup


  • Ramekins with eggs, mushrooms and zucchini


  • Saffron, zucchini and bacon sauce


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