Superior performance meets simplicity, intuition and cutting edge technology. The 6TH SENSE Live app connects you to your most essential appliances where you are in the world.

Available on iPhone and Android, let the app guide you through the simple set-up process via your home Wi-Fi, then control your devices from anywhere in the world. Start, pause or even schedule programs remotely, whilst the tutorial and assisted cycles help you find the right choice every time.

For laundry solutions that don’t dictate your day, either pause the wash, or use the Fresh Care Cycle which will tumble your clothes for up to 6 hours, keeping them perfectly fresh and ready to wear.

Smart phone meets smart appliance

Take control with a new generation of innovation. View our range of connected devices designed to free your time for the more pleasurable aspects of life. Compatible with Android and Apple devices.

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Available for Apple and Android devices, the 6TH SENSE Live app puts power in the palm of your hand to schedule and remotely control all your favourite Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live devices from wherever you are in the world. Try the demo here.

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