One planet, One community approach.

Whirlpool’s commitment to the environment goes beyond our pledge to send zero waste to landfill by 2020, or that we continually strive to find new, more ecologically friends components for our machines, such as the new Solstice Liquid Blowing Agents.

As well as ensuring 80-90% of materials used to make appliances are recyclable, Whirlpool takes a One Planet, One Community approach to the environment which is why we strive to consider future generations in every wash, every meal, every cool glass of water we help make happen.

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Cooling solutions that reduce heating the planet.

The environmental impact of food wastage is great. The journey from farm to fork creates a frightening landscape of how well travelled ingredients can be before they reach our plate, so it is essential that we all use what we buy to help cut down on emissions and pesticide use.

By creating refrigerators and freezers that enhance and extend the shelf life of perishable ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and meats – we can all combat the 6.7 million tonnes of food which is needlessly discarded each year*.

Dishwashing that considers our most precious resource of all.

Dispelling the myth that washing dishes by hand is a more ecological friendly option to mechanical dishwashing, Whirlpool has developed 6 litre cycles.

Working in conjunction with sensor technology to detect the level of soiling on dishes, pans and cutlery, our appliances clean up to 13 place settings for just a fraction of the water consumption of washing by hand.

Versus the average of 45 litres used with traditional handwashing, Whirlpool’s 6 litre cycles provide a healthier approach to cleaning whilst 6TH SENSE helps to save up to 50% on energy too.

Cooking that doesn’t cost the earth.

By considering how we cook and the energy wastage this can entail, Whirlpool have designed innovative functions that ensure you only use the power that’s needed for delicious dishes and nothing more.

Using innovative programs such as Ready2Cook which removes the need to pre-heat your oven, plus efficiency savings of Cook3 which allow you to cook three courses in one go – Whirlpool is striving to reduce the level of energy consumption used for every meal in every household.

Understanding that it’s not just how we use our ovens, but how we clean them that can affect our environment, we’ve developed a range of programs to clean without the need for toxic chemicals or high temperatures. Using steam technology, a short cycle harnesses the natural power of steam for fast, effective and energy efficient cleaning, which doesn't cost or damage the earth.

Laundry that lets you manage cost and energy.

By developing technology that connects our appliances to a smart phone or tablet, Whirlpool washing machines and tumble dryers work intelligently to use only the resources they need for exceptional cleaning with nothing wasted.

Featuring integrated sensors, the level of dirt on your clothes is detected and monitored throughout the wash so only the essential amount of water and detergent is used - it’s one small step that saves up to 70% in energy, time and resources, which – over an appliance’s lifetime – is an exceptional amount.

Working in conjunction with the 6TH SENSE Live App, you can always see how much a program costs to run, opting for off-peak tariff times for more cost-effective laundry or shorter cycles to save water and electricity.

* Source: WRAP

By keeping Earth’s most precious, finite resources at the forefront of design and development, Whirlpool’s appliances reflect this crucial requirement to respectfully use what we need and ensure our everyday lives and conveniences do not come at the detriment of future generations.