Fan Oven Element 2000W

Code: 2021035
72,07 EUR

Replace your faulty oven element with this 2000 watt element! The fan oven element is responsible for heating the oven cavity in order to cook the food. In an electric cooker when the cooker knob is turned on, electricity flows to the element which causes it to heat up. Once the element reaches the desired temperature then the electricity flow switches on and off to maintain the temperature. This process is controlled by the thermostat. Is the fan oven element causing the problem?
The following faults typically indicate a problem with the oven element: o The fan oven is blowing out cold air
o The oven won't heat up at all
o The element doesn't heat up during operation
o There are bright spots or uneven patches on the element during use.
*Remember that a blown oven element may not be the only fault that can cause these issues to arise. Fan oven elements are not consumable parts and they only need to be replaced if they fail. Oven elements fail when the internal element filament burns out, this can cause the element to short circuit. There may be visible signs the element has blown such as a split, bulge, or blow hole on the element. Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model. Specification:

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